L’Allié. When I came across the name – which means ‘the ally’ in French –  it resonated.

I’ve have often been caught on both sides of issues explaining and defending one group to another. I’m from Western Canada but lived 17 years in France and Quebec;  was a climate advocate from an Oil & Gas family, and an engineer who spent his degree making a movie. I’ve come to respect the fact that there are many ways to see the same reality.

“L’Allié” has become a bit of a job description and an ideal I try to live up to – is my work helping others? Am I there for people when it matters? Would I be considered an ally?


Born in B.C. (English-speaking Canadian family) and raised in France, I studied engineering in Montreal and filmmaking in New York, then moved back to B.C. and worked in mining, engine emissions compliance and political organising. In April 2016 I moved to Toronto to write a book and network.

I love politics and ran three times for office (note: I am currently not a member of any political party), focusing mainly on shifting the debate on climate change. It was during this time that I was struck by the disconnect between our current political discussions and the (really) big challenges the 21st century.

This website is my exploration of these issues – and an attempt to answer the question: what is one to do?