Climate change. Pandemics. Automation. Human enhancement. Artificial general intelligence. If you find the 21st century daunting, you are not alone. But imagine we overcame these challenges, and it became a lasting positive legacy for humanity. What would it take?

When I watch a documentary on plastics in the ocean or read about the great risks and opportunities of AI, it makes me want to rise to the occasion. I got started as a student and political candidate campaigning on climate change. Then in 2015 I read about the trends in biotechnology and AI which forced me to rethink: ‘what should I be campaigning for, and why?’. I spent the next four years researching a wide range of topics and 21st century trends, wrote a book and launched my first nonprofit to promote discussion around these themes. The conclusion I came to is that smarter-than-human AI (also known as AGI or artificial general intelligence) is the defining issue we face, and should be our #1 priority.

I moved to Ottawa in Oct 2021, and since I have been working full-time to build a community that can deliver constructive action on AI governance and safety in Canada and make us a champion on the issue globally. This turned into my second nonprofit: AIGS.ca.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, let’s connect. I’m always up for meeting new people and learning new ways of thinking and doing.